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Area Code 852 | Everything You Need To Know

Area Code 852

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What State has the Area Code 852?

The Area Code 852 is not in a state at all, but rather, is an international prefix, namely Hong Kong, which is located on the south coast of China.  Having an 852 prefix means you very well may have a view of the South China Sea, as well as having a business in a city that has sophisticated infrastructure. You won’t find the 852 Area Code in any City or State in the USA or Canada. Another interesting you should look into is area code 905.

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What City or Cities have the 852 Area Code?

Hong Kong, a part of the People’s Republic of China, is the only city to have Area Code 852.  A thriving city and one of the densest population centers in the world, Hong Kong’s fame could be a great asset to a business with the 852 prefix.  The fascinating history and the business culture of this harbor city would lend itself well to such a company, and having a number with the 852 area code would play an important part.

Living in Area Code 852

What is it like to live in Area Code 852?

The city state of Hong Kong enjoys a great deal of autonomy even after its return to China, and living in an area with the 852 prefix would put one in a fast paced environment.   Hong Kong’s rapid transit system is very extensive; meaning anyone having a workplace in the 852 Area Code would have no trouble reaching anywhere they need to go.

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How can I get a phone number with an 852 Area Code?

Phone numbers with the 852 prefix would normally be obtained by living locally in Hong Kong, or, if you work in the vicinity covered by the Area Code 852.  In addition, with a good virtual office company, you could obtain a local number with the 852 Area Code and maintain a virtual location, as well.