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Toll Free Area Codes List
A Complete Toll Free Area Code List

A complete toll free area codes list comprises five toll free prefixes. This list includes the following toll free area codes (or prefixes): 800, 888, 866, an 855. Any phone number that has one of these special toll free area codes is considered a toll free number (also known as a 1-800 number or an 800 number). Toll free numbers work differently than local area code telephone numbers. When a caller calls a custom toll free number from a traditional landline the long distance call is free and billed the recipient of said call. However, even though calling business telephone numbers toll free (free of long distance charges) is less important today in the era of cell phones and unlimited VoIP calling than it once was, having a toll free number is very important for businesses. There reason is toll free number portability. Telephone numbers with toll free area codes are nationwide and regulated differently than local area code numbers. The difference is the ability to move a toll free number to another phone company at any time without a disruption in service. Before toll free number portability phone companies could hold businesses hostage by not allowing them to move their business   phone number to a different phone company if that business choose to.

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Toll Free Number Prefixes List
What are Toll Free Number Prefixes?

Toll free prefixes refer to the three-digit area code of a toll free numbers. The oldest an original toll free area is the 800 toll free prefix. The 800 toll free prefix was released in the early 1960s, introducing toll free number service to North America. Due to the high demand of toll free number usage the FCC released additional prefixes including the following toll free area codes: 866, 888, 877, and most recently in 2010 the toll free 855 prefix. No matter what the toll free telephone number’s prefix – all 800 numbers work the same. They are all toll free and they are all regulated the same way. Get a toll free number for your small business and you’ll not only be giving your company a big business appeal – you’ll be protecting your business number investment, because with toll free numbers you own the number and can port it to any carrier phone company at any time.

Is the Area Code 888 Toll Free? | Is the Area Code 877 Toll Free? | Is the Area Code 866 Toll Free? | Is the Area Code 855 Toll Free? | Is the Area Code 844 Toll Free?

People often wonder: is 888 toll free? Or is 877 toll free? Or is 866 toll free? Or is 855 toll free? And the answer is YES! All 800 number prefixes are toll free just like the original toll free number prefix 1-800. This a complete toll free area codes list, however it is speculated that the FCC may release the toll free area code prefix 844 in the near future. Once the toll free prefix 844 is released, the answer to the question: “is 844 toll free” – will be yes of course. It will work the same way all 800 numbers do.

Is 888 Toll Free?Is 877 Toll Free?

Is 866 Toll Free?

Is 855 Toll Free?
Is 844 Toll Free?